Piping Engineering

Preliminary Pipe Sizing & Piping Design Specifications

Detailed Piping Stress Analysis

Finite Element Analysis : Piping, Equipment & Structural Verifications

Pipe Supports: Standard & Special Supports

Speciality Items : Data Sheets & Requisitioning

Preliminary & Detailed Line List / Tie In List

Pipe Classes: Service Limits, Materials & Components, Code Compliance & Market Availability

MTO's / RFQ & Input to Project Cost Estimates

Procurement Packages: Materials Coding, Requisitioning, Work Packages Organization, Surpluses & Minuses Analysis, Materials Expediting

Design Calculations for Regulatory Compliance

Fabrication Details , Weight & Welding Calculations for Spools

Pressure Test Procedures & NDE Procedures

Inspection and Testing Requirements Consultancy

Code / Regulatory Calculations & Pressure Design Verification

Material Life Span Calculations

Stress Assessments ,Repair Recommendations & API 579 Stress Calculations

Integrity Verification / Failure Stress Analysis for Operations

Fracture Mechanics : Stress Related Analysis

Analysis of Corrosion Circuits & Life Span Prediction

Alternative Materials : Materials Upgrading & Market Availability

Survey on Existing Materials , Material Diagrams - Plant Record Documents

Expertise in design software like CAESAR II , AUTOPIPE , FE PIPE, ALGOR ,ANSYS and many other FE analysis and design packages



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